was formed as a result of personal experience by it's founding members and their desire to offer a product and service to address a need for proper balance between individual privacy and loved ones who find themselves in a position of assuming responsibility for family members.  Although the protection of individual privacy is right and appropriate there are circumstances where family members or designated individuals must act or speak on behalf of a loved one.  This realization is behind the concept of the 'Advance Directives' prepared by someone in the event that they cannot speak or act on their own behalf.

The problem with Advance Directives and prepared Living Wills are that the documents may not be available or their knowledge of existence is unknown at a time when they are needed. 

We Who Care has made a service available that ensures every member's Living Will, Power of Attorney, Medical History and Contact List is known, accessible and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year and from anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to examine the areas of our web site to learn more about the issues and what we offer to resolve these concerns for our members.

We also have representatives available that will work with you personally to answer all of your questions.  Use one of the following links if you would like obtain additional information.





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