We Who Care Credit Card CD
Technical White Paper


The credit card CD produced by We Who Care (WWC) addresses the areas of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that are concerned with the electronic storage, transmission, use and disclosure of medical and health information.



We Who Care provides a service and product for its members.  The service is primarily concerned with scanning and storing each memberís legal and medical documents in electronic format.  This information consists of, at a minimum, their Living Will, Power of Attorney, Medical History, Contact List and Hospital Directory Authorization.  This information is then made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere for them.  The product is a credit card CD that is given to members and carried by them.  It contains their information in electronic form.



The electronic file contents of the credit card CD consists of:

-         The legal and medical documents that have been provided by each member.  These documents were scanned and then converted to PDF format, which is a world wide standard for storing and distributing information.

-         A setup file for installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, if needed

-         A menu file used to access the documents (the menu file is named Start.exe)



The CD is designed to automatically start the menu to access the memberís documents when it is first placed into a computer systemís CD tray.  This relies on the computer system having its Ďautoplayí feature enabled.  This is enabled by default on todayís systems.

If the computer system fails to automatically execute the menu to access the memberís documents then the user can browse to the drive containing the CD and double-click the ĎStartí file to load and run the access menu.

 In the event that there is a policy within an organization that restricts or cautions running 3rd party programs then each memberís PDF document is identified clearly by name and can be read by double-clicking on it directly without using the built-in menu.


The CD is produced from the documents that have been submitted by each member.  These documents are scanned and then converted to industry standard PDF format.  These documents are then burned to the memberís CD, along with the menu access file and a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader installation software, if needed.

The systems and networks used in handling the member records, documents and production systems are backed up daily and scanned daily for viruses.



It is possible that after the member CD is produced the member may update their information with WWC for electronic storage in their account records.  There is a feature built into the CD menu that allows the user to access the WWC web site.  When this feature is used it will access the WeWhoCare web site, passing along the member account information.  The member account is looked up and the user is provided access to the memberís stored information via our web site.  If there have been updated records or documents since the memberís CD was produced then this will be indicated on the page that is displayed.



In the event of difficulty in using the CD or accessing the information that is stored in electronic form on the CD, the CD label contains the member account number and the phone number of WWC.  A user (e.g.; emergency room administration) may use this information to contact us directly, 24 hours a day, and after proper authentication has been determined then the required information or document(s) can be released.


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